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Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance, & Installation

If you’re seeking affordable, reliable air conditioning services in Castle Rock and the surrounding area, look no further than Nytech Heating and Cooling. For over a decade, we’ve been providing the best in air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance to homes and businesses in the Castle Rock community, and we can’t wait to show you the difference we can make in your indoor comfort. Our team of experts uses the latest in advanced HVAC technology to ensure our customers’ air conditioning systems are performing perfectly all year long, and because our service trucks are stocked with plenty of air conditioning repair parts, we can generally resolve issues in the same visit.

Emergency Air Conditioning Services

Nytech Heating and Cooling is standing by to help you when you need it. Our emergency air conditioning repair technicians can be at your home or business within hours to address any type of air conditioning problem. We understand that you want your air conditioning problem resolved quickly, so we’ll never waste your time by showing up late. Even in the middle of the night, we’re here to provide you with expert air conditioning installation and repair technicians, the best products from top-name HVAC manufacturers, and a satisfaction guarantee unlike any other.

Our Air Conditioning Services in Castle Rock

  • duct repair/ reroute/ modification
  • whole house dehumidifier
  • wifi / smartphone thermostats
  • residential zoning systems
  • ductless solutions
  • condensate drain lines
  • indoor air quality
  • ductless mini-split systems
  • weather sealing/ home efficiency
  • filter replacement

With You Down the Road

Nytech Heating and Cooling is also here for you in the future, and we want to help you protect your HVAC investment. Your air conditioning system requires preventative maintenance in order to continue providing you with cool air, and without this maintenance, you might find yourself facing costly repairs. We provide air conditioning services, including maintenance, that are designed to protect your investment and improve your indoor air quality comfort, both now and in the future. Our residential and commercial air conditioning service professionals can provide you with inspections and maintenance to help you avoid air conditioning repairs and increase the fficiency of your system. On top of that, having our Castle Rock cooling service maintain your system can also save you money each month on your energy bills.

Benefits of Using Nytech Heating and Cooling

  • EPA and NATE certified technicians
  • NCI certified technicians in Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analysis
  • NCI certified Air Balancing and Diagnostic Technicians

The Benefits of Working with Our HVAC Team

Are you seeking top-quality HVAC services? If so, look no further than Nytech Heating and Cooling. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional, yet cost-effective, services & support. Here are some of the benefits of working with our HVAC team:

  • You'll save money in the long run - we can both diagnose the issue at hand, and keep it from reoccurring. This means no more costly repairs in the future!
  • We have the proper technology and training to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
  • We provide consistent support - you can call us anytime you need emergency assistance.

Want to hear more about the benefits of working with Nytech? Call us today at 303-663-6840.


Most HVAC technicians do charge a flat rate to come to your home. The pricing for smaller HVAC issues can run the gamut from $50 to $200. New pieces of equipment will cost more - for instance, a new thermostat will usually cost between $80 and $300. The cost of routine HVAC maintenance and checkups varies widely, depending on your location and your specific contractor. In these cases, you should always contact an HVAC professional to receive a customized pricing estimate! You can call Nytech Heating and Cooling today to speak with one of our HVAC experts. We can be reached at 303-663-6840. We look forward to assisting you!

How do I know if my AC system is working properly?

A malfunctioning cooling system isn't always obvious. Sometimes the signs are quite subtle, so much so that you may want to doublecheck that your AC system is working properly. It is always a good idea to inspect your AC system on a regular basis, especially before the summer. Below are a few ways to determine if your AC is working properly:

  • Check if the temperature inside your home corresponds to the temperature set on your thermostat.
  • Check that your AC system is quiet and is not making any strange noises.
  • Check that your AC system is not leaking any fluid.
  • Cool air is blowing out of your vents without issue.

If you have said "yes" to all these, then your AC system is working properly.

What should I check if my AC system fails?

A cooling system seems to always fail on the hottest days! If you are feeling the heat and your AC system is not providing relief, there are a few things you can check. Do the following:

  • Check your drive belts, which are used to supply power to rotate the refrigerant pump.
  • Check your compressor clutch located at the front of the compressor. If it isn't turning, you may need additional refrigerant.
  • Inspect around your AC system for leaks.
  • Remove any debris in or around your system.

If you can't figure out what is going wrong, you need to call Nytech Heating and Cooling today. We can help diagnose the issue with your cooling system and repair it quickly.

What does the word "ton" mean when it comes to air conditioning?

When you hear the term "tonnage" or "ton" concerning your AC system, you may be wondering what this unit of weight has to do with keeping cool. The "tonnage" is actually a rating of your air conditioning. It measures the amount of heat that the AC unit can remove from a home within one hour. To adequately cool your home, you will need one ton of air conditioning for 400-1000 square feet. You don't want tonnage overkill, as it may cost you more on your monthly utility bill. If you have a specific question about how many tons you need, talk to your Nytech Heating and Cooling technician.

How do I know how energy efficient my unit is?

The energy efficiency of your unit will depend on the COP, or the Coefficient of Performance rating, and Energy Efficient Ratio, or EER rating. That is the amount of power inputted into a system compared to how much power is then put out by the system. The value of your COP will let you know how energy efficient your system is with a score between 2 to 4. EER is the ratio of output cooling energy to electrical input energy. You can compare the EER and COP scores of different systems to determine its energy efficiency. The scoring can get pretty complicated. If you have questions, it is best to discuss it with a licensed technician.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

When you own a business, you want your employees and customers to stay cool and comfortable while in your establishment. We understand that your company may rely on temperature stability. Whether you need a new air-conditioning system installed, your existing system repaired, or just general maintenance, you can count on the experts at Nytech Heating and Cooling. Our team of licensed HVAC technicians is happy to help service your commercial air conditioner. For specific questions, concerns, or pricing information, call our office today.

Residential Air Conditioning Service

When the temperature outside starts to rise, you start to rely on your air-conditioning system to keep you comfortable. Your home becomes an oasis away from the scorching hot weather outside. It is important that you have a quality air-conditioning repair company nearby you can depend on for fast and affordable service. Nytech Heating and Cooling is the company families rely on for quick and professional service when things start heating up. Next time your AC system is in need of repair, don't sweat it! Instead, call our team of AC service experts, and we will have you cooled off in no time.

If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning system, or if you simply want an experienced professional to give you a tune-up, contact Nytech Heating & Cooling today at 303-663-6840.

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