Why Scheduled Maintenance is very Important

Scheduled MaintenanceKeeping your heating or cooling system in A1 condition can have many benefits, including actually saving you money; no matter how wealthy you are, who doesn’t like saving money? Or more to the point – who would prefer to keep hold of their money rather than giving it to a utility company?


A good technician will not only be able to set your system up so that it’s working at its most efficient, but they should also be able to spot any early signs of failure of problems – usually resulting in a very quick and minor repair rather than a full emergency callout to a broken system.


As with any mechanical system, especially from new, running through its daily cycle will inevitably lead to components wearing and any manufacturing tolerances will increase, this means that the system is gradually losing its efficiency, if left unchecked, it will eventually fail. While you may not be that concerned about the small changes in tolerances or efficiency, they will of course only ever get worse and as they do, you’ll be paying extra money to your energy supplier.

Save the Planet

It is well known that an inefficient heating or cooling system can do more harm to the environment so keeping it running at peak efficiency is a big help, but there is also another added benefit – keeping your system for longer also helps to avoid damage to environment that is caused through the manufacturing process. The longer that we can keep our existing systems running, the better it is for the planet!

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